Toyota still leads but Porsche is now hunting them down

The #1 Porsche is beginning to close in on the #7 Toyota in the lead of the race at the end of the fifth hour of this years 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The #8 Toyota is still running in third 20 seconds back from the leaders, with Kazuki Nakajima behind the wheel after Anthony Davidson completed his stint, while the third #9 Toyota ended up losing time when Yuji Kunimoto had to make an unscheduled pit stop.

The fifth and final LMP1, the #2 Porsche, managed to rejoin after having a lengthy spell in the pits after losing its front-axle, the car though is running way back in 55th overall and won’t be challenging for the overall win this year.

Rebellions still holding the top two places

Rebellion Racing still have the top two spots in LMP2, its cars swapped the lead after the next round of pit stops near the end of the hour. The #13 Rebellion Oreca with Heinemeier Hansson driving, held on to the lead for most of the hour, with the his team mate Julien Canal in the #31 Rebellion keeping pace with him and the two jostling for the lead.

When the #13 Rebellion stopped a lap earlier than its sister car, Canal picked up the lead and emerged from the pits just ahead.

Third place was being held by Jonathan Hirschi in his #34 Manor Oreca near the end of the hour, but with the pit stop schedules mean that the #37 DC Oreca with David Cheng driving is due snatch third during the next round of pit stops.

Aston Martin Racing holding the lead in GTE Pro

Aston Martin still holds the lead with its #97 Vantage in GTE Pro. With the #67 Ford of Luis Derani chasing hard in second place.

Aston managed to take advantage of the slow zone – and brought in Jonny Adam for a fuel-only stop. The #67 Ford was running second and the #64 Ford GT in third at the turn of the hour.

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